About Us

 BonPhil Cummerbund Kummerbund tuxedo

The BonPhil cummerbund idea emerged from a young Austrian crew who had the goal to jazz up their tuxedo look. Fresh, young and new was what they were looking for and so arose the vivid colored cummerbund.

BonPhil dares to take the stiff allure out of the tuxedo and brings a vibrant and dynamic touch to it. The wide playful colored range of cummerbund looks perfect on every classic evening suit or even on any casual menswear. BonPhil’s whole collection likes to elevate your style and give it a statement: classic with a young twist.

Made in Europe with premium fabrics from around the world, the exclusive cummerbunds reflect BonPhil’s handcraft excellence and company values.
Every detail is preciously designed and unique. All shapes are soft lined and fuse smoothly with the character of any suit. Each colored fabric is meticulously chosen and sewed into a cummerbund with impeccable craftsmanship. The adjustable belt at the back with its subtle strength is designed for your comfort and withstands the pressures of the most extravagant dance moves.